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Atlanta Photographer & Makeup Artist

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Hello! I'm Bryan.

I'm a photographer and makeup artist based in Atlanta, GA.

I love people, and I love photographing them. It’s as simple as that. I’m passionate about capturing a person’s beauty and the manifestation of two people in love. I’m a believer in how developing genuine relationships with your subjects goes hand in hand with creating compelling photographs, and I work tirelessly to be the best that I can be at both.

I’m an advocate for sharing one’s knowledge with others and existing together with a non-competitive mindset. I strive to be not only a photographer, but also an educator and a proponent for a generation of photographers that believes in cultivating a supportive community.

6 Random Facts About Me

– I want twenty pugs
– I make Youtube videos
– I love environmental science
– I’m an aspiring yoga instructor
– I’m a traveling-and-being outdoors junkie
– I shamelessly binge-watch Netflix documentaries